Season 1, Episode 10: Young and on Fire


"So we're hard-wiring paranoia into our systems, now?" -Dennis

"Dennis, last time I talked to you was 11pm last night, and you said you'd be home in ten minutes. It's now seven hours later, and, understandably I think, I'm pretty royally ticked off. This has been going on for four days now - no! More! Now I don't mind that you're involved in your work, but I do mind being ignored, lied to, brushed off, taken for granted, and left to rot in some empty house in a damp little town that I never wanted to move to in the first place, while my boyfriend is acting like some middle-aged, company man, workaholic who spends night and days strapped to a computer terminal while our young lives together turn into one big fat boring nightmare!" -Jennifer
"You've been thinking about this for awhile, haven't you?" -Dennis

"You know, honey, you've always had that sharp stick-in-the-eye personality that I need in this situation." -Bordon
"You're sweet, but what's this really about?" -Sarah

"Nepotism only comes from the top, I guess." -Dennis
"Thin ice, Dennis." -Bordon


Written by Frank South, Directed by Bethany Rooney

Guest starring Colby French, Eddie Jones, and Victor Slezak as Bordon Hicks.

Featured Musical Artists: Far Too Jones, Amanda Marshall