Season 1, Episode 14: Valentine's Bay


"It's hard working with someone you got a thing for, isn't it?" -bartender
"Believe me, the only thing I'll ever have for him is a pink slip." -Sarah
"You got the hots for that woman or something?" -Nelson
"What are you nuts? I'd rather throw myself in front of a train." -Nick
"Looks like you're spending a lot of time playing on the tracks." -Nelson

"This is about the fact that my best friend is dead because he didn't fit in anymore." -Nick

"I dunno, I never would have believed it, but you... you, Sarah, are the one consistent person." -Nick
"No one's ever called me consistent before." -Sarah
"How about beautiful?" -Nick
"It's been a long time." -Sarah
"You are... Sarah." -Nick
"So are you." -Sarah


Written by Frank South, Directed by Bethany Rooney

Guest starring Art LaFleur

Featured Musical Artists: Dire Straits, Deb' Mo', John Hiatt