Season 1, Episode 15: With Friends Like These...


"I know I shouldn't have this reaction, but I see the two of you - y'know, old friends, best buds, so chummy - I wanna throw things. I know that's not mature, but..." -Jen
"Jen, he's my brothering-in-law. I've known him sinc we were kids. Besides, we're working together and I have to see him" -Amy
"Oh, theoretically I know that, but practically I wanna throw things." -Jen

"The truth is somebody has to take responsibility for Nelson's death" -Jen

"Lone Ranger meets Machiavelli." -Sarah
"And Deputy Dog meets Magneto." -Nick

"I'm beginning to think there are only two kinds of people in this world: those with money, and those who hate 'em for having it." -Nick


Written by Bernard Lechowick, Directed by Jefferson Kibbee

Guest starring Art LaFleur, Guy Boyd, and Victor Slezak as Bordon Hicks

Featured Musical Artists: Chris Isaak, The Bodeans, Richie Sambora