Hyperion Bay

Mondays at 9pm on the WB
Created by Joseph Dougherty

Premise: Former high-school loser but now successful business-man Dennis Sweeney returns to save his home-town by founding a new high-tech computer facility there. He struggles with old and new relationships, particularly with his older brother Nick.

The Characters:
Dennis Sweeney - Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Frank Sweeney - Raymond J. Barry
Jennifer Ward - Sydney Penny
Nick Sweeney - Dylan Neal
Nelson Tucker Bart Johnson
Amy Sweeney - Christina Moore
Marcus - Chaka Forman
Sarah Hicks - Carmen Electra
Trudy Carson - Cassidy Rae
Theme Song: "Hard Times Come Easy" by Rickie Sambora and Richie Supa

"Hyperion Bay" has been officially cancelled.

I have nothing to do with the production or the airing of this show.