6.7.02 - Carmen Electra was named one of the Top 10 Sexiest Women in the World by the mens' magazine FHM.

3.10.01 - Look for Carmen Electra to appear in the first episode of FX's new half-hour series called The Test, hosted by Jillian Barberie, on April 16th.

2.23.01 - Mark-Paul Gosselaar will join the cast of "NYPD Blue" next season as a detective.

2.12.01 - Carmen Electra, along with Rita Wilson and Mariel Hemingway, braved the chill at Park City, Utah, to celebrate the screening of her new movie, "Perfume," at the Sundance Film Festival.

2.12.01 - From the February 13th issue of Soap Opera Digest: How does an actor prepare to play a real-life person? For Mark-Paul Gosselaar, fate stepped in to lend a hand when he was tapped to play Lance Corporal Jason Johnson in the TV movie The Princess and the Marine, which is scheduled to air on February 25 at 9pm ET on NBC. You may recall that Johnson made global headlines last year when he convinced the woman he loves, Princess Meriam Al-Khalifa, to flee her homeland of Bahrain so they could be together. The couple wed, and the princess sought asylum in America. "There's a scene where he's basically pleading with her to come with him and giving her reasons why they should leave. That was probably one of the hardest scenes to do," Gosselaar recalls. "But then [Johnson and Al-Khalife] showed up. It was nice to have them on the set because we could get a feeling of what was going on in their heads emotionally. That was really good timing."

2.4.01 - "The Princess and the Marine," starring Mark-Paul Gosselaar, will be on NBC on Sunday, February 17th.

7.11.00 - Carmen Electra says her pet name for ex-hubby Dennis Rodman is "Little Choo-Choo" and that she likes to tease the former basketball star mercilessly about his bad-boy behavior. "I have all these little names for him," she tells The Toronto Sun, "but he's mad because all his friends found out and now they tease him. But he is so Little Choo-Choo - he is! He is a little baby."

7.6.00 - TV Guide Online: Carmen Electra Looks for Love

6.1.00 - Look for Cassidy Rae in the 1997 film "Journey of the Heart" airing on CBS on Sunday, June 11th.

3.23.00 - Look for Dylan Neal in the made-for-TV movie "The President's Men" on CBS on Sunday, April 2nd, at 9pm ET.

3.20.00 - TV Guide Online: Rodman/Electra Nuptials Near?

2.26.00 - Rumor has it Columbia TriStar Television is developing a new show for Carmen Electra, possibly a syndicated action series.

12.10.99 - Sydney Penny has been cast in the role of Joy Van Der Vaal, a former CIA chief, in the recently greenlit international series "Largo Winch" which will be sold by Paramount International Television.

8.14.99 - Carmen Electra will be hosting a new racy show of home-video clips set to follow Fox's Mad TV.

4.28.99 - There is a short article on Dylan Neal in the May 4th issue of Soap Opera Digest.

4.10.99 - Carmen Electra and Alyssa Milano ("Melrose Place" "Charmed") have filed lawsuits against several different web sites for displaying pornographic pictures of the two actresses. Milano has a history of winning these battles, along with her mother who has been very active in shutting these sites down.

4.7.99 - Carmen Electra filed for divorce today from her husband of six months, Dennis Rodman.

3.17.99 - Wanda at E!Online confirms that "Hyperion Bay" has officially been cancelled.

3.16.99 - Tonight Cassidy Rae stars in "Crime in Connecticut: the Story of Alex Kelly" on CBS at 9pm. It is based on the true story of a U.S. high-school athlete who fled to Europe on the eve of his 1987 rape trial.

3.15.99 - Mark-Paul Gosselaar proves that there is life after death. The young actor has already inked a deal to star in a new drama for the WB entitled DC. The show, being created by Dick Wolf ("Law & Order"), also stars Jacinda Barrett, and is about interns in Washington D.C.

3.9.99 - Carmen Electra will be on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Thursday, March 11th.

3.2.99 - "Hyperion Bay" has been temporarily pulled from the WB's schedule. Taking its place is Aaron Spelling's new paramedic drama "Rescue 77."

2.16.99 - "Hyperion Bay" gets a thumbs down on page 74 of the February 23 issue of "Soap Opera Digest." The gist of the article is that the newly revamped show is trying really hard to be more like "Melrose Place," but can't even seem to pull that off with much success. Carmen Electra's Sarah is compared to Heather Locklear's Amanda.

2.13.99 - "Hyperion Bay" is outta here as of March 8th.

1.14.99 - Carmen Electra was the fourth worst-dressed woman on Mr. Blackwell's annual list of the worst-dressed women.

Latest news is that starting with Episode 10, you should notice the presence of a technical advisor for the show, so that all the stuff having to do with Dennis's business will be more accurate. In addition, the WB will be hyping up the show with more publicity.